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Every business and organisation has a responsibility under current Health & Safety legislation to effectively manage workplace road safety, whilst aware of this fact, many do not have the resources to meet this responsibility. Furthermore, many businesses do nothing, until they are forced to do so following a driving incident.

At TTC we believe in prevention rather than cure and this is why we offer our clients – TTC DriverProtect® – an end-to-end workplace road safety managed service that leaves them safe in the knowledge that their road safety policy is up-to-date, communicated, driver risk is managed and appropriate training in place, be it eLearning, in-class or on-road.

TTC DriverProtect® is the most complete workplace road safety solution available today and for ease of use is web-based, providing easy access for managers and drivers, with minimum input required.

There are three levels of service available, to best meet your organisation’s needs:


While this is our entry level service, it is not short of features. TTC DriverProtect® Essential is ideal for organisations who want to address their immediate workplace road safety requirements without a year-on-year managed service, essentially revisiting their requirements on an as and when required basis.

TTC DriverProtect® Essential includes:

  • Secure web-based portal fully set up by TTC;
  • Driver compliance survey;
  • DVLA driving licence check for each driver (single check only);
  • Driver aptitude assessment;
  • Optional driver business mileage log with back-office access for your admin team;

If your employee is authorised to drive their own vehicle for business, they will be required to upload certain documents as evidence of legal compliance, for example, Insurance certificate. You will have access to a secure portal where these documents can be inspected to ensure you are satisfied that they meet your organisations requirements and are legally compliant.

As part of the TTC DriverProtect® Essential service, you will be provided with:

  • A one-off report showing which drivers within your organisation pose a risk, along with recommended solutions. The report is compiled using information from the driver compliance survey and driver aptitude assessment;
  • Notification should there be any issues following a DVLA driving licence check.

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TTC DriverProtect® Premium is ideal for organisations who want a fully managed service with management by exception.

All of your managing workplace road safety requirements will be handled by a dedicated accounts manager supported by a modern efficient back-office facility based in Shropshire. This will not only provide peace of mind knowing your important workplace road safety requirements are being effectively managed, we will also take care of all of the document inspection and validation for you, notifying you only when there is an issue.

Your account manager will monitor your drivers’ profiles looking out for any areas that put them or your business at risk. We will come to you with recommended solutions, not problems.

TTC DriverProtect® Premium includes:

  • Dedicated account manager;
  • Fully managed service which includes driver document inspection;
  • Secure web-based portal fully set up by TTC;
  • Driver compliance survey;
  • Annual DVLA driving licence check for each driver;
  • Interim driving licence check – for at risk drivers
  • Notification of driving licence non-compliance
  • Driver aptitude assessment;
  • Optional driver business mileage log with back-office access for your admin team;
  • Regular reports highlighting progress with recommended solutions for drivers who are identified as high risk;
  • Minimal administrative input required;
  • No hidden charges.

The benefits of managing workplace road safety are realised over a period of time and should be built into an organisations fabric. For this reasons our TTC DriverProtect® Premium service is for a minimum 2 year period. TTC aim to establish a long-term relationship with their clients and are confident that once the benefits are realised, TTC DriverProtect® Premium will become an ongoing feature within your business.

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TTC DriverProtect® Premium+ contains all of the features and benefits of TTC DriverProtect® Premium, but with the addition on one significant feature, access to a suite of eLearning driver training units.

Where a driver is initially identified as high risk, or where a driver at some point needs remedial training, they will have instant access to the DriverProtect® eLearning platform.

Drivers can be automatically referred to all or some of the eLearning units, parameters for referral are discussed with you and configured into the DriverProtect® system by TTC.

The benefit of TTC DriverProtect® Premium+ is that you will not incur any training costs for using the eLearning platform, making budget forecasting that little bit more predictable.

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TTC's managed services include...

Workplace road safety
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Through TTC’s DriverProtect managed service you will have peace of mind knowing that all of your workplace road safety requirements are in safe hands.

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Online learning
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As part of our DriverProtect managed service drivers have access to a suite of eLearning materials.

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